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Luganville, Vanuatu Cruise Port Views

Luganville Cruise Ship Tracker, Webcams & Travel Guide

Luganville, called Santo by people from Vanuatu's northern islands who use Luganville as their big city, and called Kanal (from the French Segond Canal) by rural residents of the large island of Espiritu Santo, is the second largest city in Vanuatu. The population is 13,167. The main street that runs through Luganville contains most of the commercial businesses and is very wide as a result of the American base commander insisting that four trucks could be driven along the road. Small side streets and outlying roads cater for the residential zones. The main street contains the port at one end and the markets and municipal council building at the other end. In the centre there are two main types of stores: tourist boutiques and all-in-one stores, a cross between a supermarket and hardware store.

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