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Puerto Penasco, Penasco Cruise Port Views

Puerto Penasco Cruise Ship Tracker, Webcams & Travel Guide

Puerto Peñasco is a city located in Puerto Peñasco Municipality in the northwest of the Mexican state of Sonora, about 100 km from the border with the U.S. state of Arizona. It is located on the small strip of land that joins the Baja California Peninsula with the rest of Mexico. Puerto Peñasco is often called "Rocky Point" in English, and has been nicknamed "Arizona’s beach" as it is the coast closest to the major cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma, and many Arizonans spend weekends there. The base of the area is volcanic rock, much of it solidified lava flows from when ancient eruptions met the ocean. To promote tourism here, the city was declared to be part of the border “free zone” although it is about 100 km from the U.S. This means that foreigners can drive from the U.S. to Puerto Peñasco without obtaining visas. This makes the area attractive to visitors from Arizona, California and Nevada. In a relatively short time, Puerto Peñasco has become a major tourist center. It contains numerous hotels as well as RV and primitive camping sites. Many consider Puerto Peñasco to be “Arizona’s beach” with Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma closer than the Mexican cities of Mexicali and Hermosillo. Most visitors come for the beaches and to fish. The annual fishing festival occurs in June starting on Navy Day on June 1. These celebrations feature mariachis, folk dance and a festival queen. Beaches here include El Mirador, La Cholla, Estero Morúa, Las Conchas, Playa de Oro and Playa Bonita. Bonita is noted for its sand which is a light brown color. One attraction of the beaches is the tidal pools. Tides here can raise and lower the sea on the relatively flat land from dozens to hundreds of meters. Low tide reveals a large number of tidal pools in the craters of the rocky coast. In these pools there used to be large numbers of crabs, starfish, and other marine life. There is also an estuary by the name of Morúa east of the community of Las Conchas. Here live thousands of birds, including migratory species.

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